Porch Project

Porch Project

It’s a new season for us, we are all navigating the normal and coming to terms with social distancing and self isolation which is tough! I’m reconciling with the loss of interaction with all my beautiful families as like everyone else I’m doing my bit to flatten the curve.

But I’ve been really inspired by projects already happening overseas to bring some fun, joy bringing and history documenting project to Perth while simultaneously paying it forward to those in need.

Im taking registrations of interest for a “Porch Project”… starting in Aubin Grove & Atwell (and hopefully expanding)  over the coming days and weeks.

What is it? Well it’s a short 5 minute session, for families, couples or singles. I’ll be a  super safe distance away (on the sidewalk/street) with a long lens and from there I will take some quick photos give a friendly wave and leave.

The purpose of this is to bring some laughter and fun to what is otherwise a challenging season and also create some images to document this unique time in our history. There’s no need to “style” but by all means get creative… here’s the chance to reflect what this REALLY looks like! So Pj’s, yoga pants or onesies with mum buns and unstyled hair are totally cool with me!

There will be no COST for this – however this will be a fundraising event for our local Cooby Cares who provides essential food and household items to people in crisis …. So all I will ask is that in lieu of payment you consider a donation (of whatever you have capacity for) to this amazing organisation. This will be an honour system so I encourage you to do what feels right in your soul!

These sessions do not replace or make redundant your usual Family Photography and I encourage you all to still book with them when this season has passed and support local business.

How it works, basically register for the wait list below, I’ll be in touch with more details. Please note currently I have capacity for Atwell & Aubin Grove only. I may add more suburbs over time.